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Happy Spring my fellow brothers and sisters,

Finally the winter months are behind us. It has been an interesting start to spring so far with some crazy weather going on. Stay aware as the weather can start bringing us some strong storm surges and heavy rains. Don’t take unnecessary risks during these events. Also, as our Retiring President is reminding us fishing season is in full swing. With all the rains that are possible and happening, pay attention to water levels and possible current conditions out on your favorite streams! And as he has been showing us stay properly hydrated on those warm days!!

As everyone should be aware by now John “Rusty” Clausius is to be our new president of the local on Franks completion of retirement. I want to congratulate him and look forward to working beside him to keep our good fight going. He was brought up with one of the best, so it will be a smooth transition in my opinion!! We truly do have a great team set up and will try our best to keep things moving in a good direction!!

A few ongoing issues are still awaiting. FMLA arb from Brunner is now in the arbitrators decision time period. Two other Brunner cases ( Overtime and schedule change) are waiting on arb dates. We anticipate to hear from Talen soon on the final reductions at Montour. As of this writing, NO meetings were set up yet though.

We are making a visit to the Brookfield Wallenpaupak site in April. We have a few items of discussion with their team at that visit. Hopefully some positive outcomes after those talks!

Again, I would like to sent out well wishes and a huge THANK YOU to Frank. In April he reached a 40 year milestone, but importantly he was a great asset to OUR union in his time served!! Enjoy your retirement!!

Terry Elekes

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