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I would like to Start off by congratulating John (RUSTY) Clausius on being selected to fill the term as President of local 1600, there is no one I can think of that has more dedication and thoughtfulness to the members of local 1600 then him. I have great confidence in his leadership abilities and look forward to all the things that will come from them.
Next a very big THANK YOU to our outgoing President Frank Graboski. His steadfast devotion to the benefit of our members will be the bar on which the future will be measured. His help and guidance can never be overstated, along with the over 20 years he served the members of IBEW LOCAL 1600 from his time as a Rep. to his time as President, his leadership and mentorship will surely be missed.
Thank You Brother Frank Graboski

For the members at SSES working the outage, I thank you for again proving why we are the workforce of choice. Your commitment to getting the plant back for a safe and event free cycle can not be put into words.
Talen :
During the refuel outage we agreed to hold in abeyance the 1st step and 2nd step grievance’s as trying to get the needed people all at the same time and location proved difficult to say the least. Once the outage is complete, we will be getting these back on the schedule ASAP.

Issues on the service tech solar work are ongoing and we are hopeful a resolution will be reached.
Shift work in lines is being discussed at the locations with members and chiefs looking to get what is best using the criteria the company requested. More to follow on this.
In solidarity,
Ron Webb

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