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Climbing For Lost Linemen – Honoring The Fallen

The National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen ( NSUJL ) could not hold the lineman rodeo this year due to Covid-19 , but it didn’t stop them from having the beautiful Lantern Ceremony. The ceremony is a very emotional event where linemen climb a pole , pull up a lantern with our fallen brothers name engraved on it by brother Lynn Bechdel, hang it on a cable and trolley it across to the other end that is attached to another pole , the fallen brothers name is announced and the lineman descends the pole for the next lineman to climb and hang the next lantern. Once all the lanterns are hung in honor of our fallen brothers the entire crew take turns climbing to the top , one after the other , staggering their position until the entire crew is on the pole to pay respect and honor our brothers. The ceremony was held in Freeland , Pa on land that was recently acquired by the NSUJL. IBEW Local 1600 linemen and PPL played a big role in getting the site ready by volunteering time , poles , equipment and skills. Thanks to our company PPL and our Local 1600 linemen who volunteered for this great event . Local 1600 volunteers were Kyle Everette, Chris Rech, Eric Jacobs, Gordie Buchman,  Troy Medash, Lynn Bechdel and Jeremy Medash.  Thanks again guys and to anyone I may have missed .
Thank you for representing IBEW Local 1600 and making us Proud !!!!
President Frank E G

Gordie Buchman

Chris Rech

Eric Jacobs

Troy Medash

Kyle Everette

Terry Elekes

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