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Hello Sisters and Brothers of IBEW Local 1600

While Covid-19 still continues to make life miserable our work processes are doing what we hoped, keeping Covid-19 at bay.  We have minimal positive cases.

We continue to work with all our companies in an effort to be productive, stay safe and protect our health and wellbeing.  While some workers are enjoying some accommodations like working from home, garaging vehicles and remote reporting some feel short changed because they are not offered the same treatment.  Each and every accommodation was discussed in length and determined to be the best practice.  We did look into other jobs that may not have any changes and those were valid reasons and explanations as to why they are business as usual.  We must realize that at the end of the day we have every Union member working.  That is something we need to be proud of.

Hot topics our staff continues to work on:

  • PPL Material Progression Line – the MA includes pay increases, automatic progression, additional positions and reduces contractor reliance.
  • PPL CCC Progression Line – This MA consolidates jobs, creates more opportunity and reduces contractor reliance.
  • PPL PT – We are in disagreement with the company’s position on how PT is applied, and we are open and willing to hold more discussions in an effort to resolve PT, if talks fail, we will follow the grievance procedure.
  • Talen – Holiday pay has become an issue, discussions have been taking place to resolve it.
  • Talen – The Company has no interest in extending the carryover vacation “use date,” also not interested in a sell back option.


Don’t forget to register to vote in this year’s election for US President.

In Solidarity,

President Frank E.G.

Terry Elekes

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The Executive Board has appointed John J. Clausius as President/Financial Secretary. Due to John appointed as President/Financial Secretary opens a vacancy for Vice President. The Vice President vacancy per the IBEW Constitution Art. 16 Sec 16 shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular election. The Executive Board will be accepting resumes for the Vice President until May 3, 2024. Resumes can be sent to: IBEW Local 1600 Att: Executive Board 1259 Grange Road Allentown, PA 18106