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2021 NSUJL Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo

The National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo was held June 18th and 19.th Friday night was Climbing for Lost Linemen. This is a ceremony honoring all brothers who lost their lives on the Line in the prior 12 months. In memory of each of the fallen brothers a lantern with their name on it is hung. Saturday was the 9th Annual Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo.

Friday Night Climbing for Lost Linemen

Saturday Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo

(2021 Rodeo Team Left to Right) Ken Andreas, Dan Aniska, Mike Cibello, Kyle Everitt, Mark Hilkert, Lynn Bechdel, Kris Rech, Jeremy Medash, Aaron Hartley, and Eric Jacobs.

Greg Ashman Lineman Leader from White Haven Service Center volunteered to be a judge for the Rodeo.

Rodeo Competition Awards

Mark Hilkert Apprentice, 2nd place in the hurt man rescue.
Kyle Everitt, Kris Rech, and Jeremy Meadash Journeyman Team 3rd place in the hurt man rescue.
Kyle Everitt, Kris Rech, and Jeremy Meadash Journeyman Team 1st place in the speed climb.
Lynn Bechdel, Eric Jacbos, and Ken Andreas 2nd place in the Journeyman tap change out.
Kyle Everitt fastest time in the Journeyman hurt man rescue.
Kyle Everitt fastest time in the Journeyman speed climb.

Thank you to all that came out to support our Rodeo Team! This was a great weekend for a special cause. Also, to all the folks involved in the planning and preparing for the Rodeo, thank you! Congratulations to our Rodeo Team, be proud of your accomplishments, we are proud of you!
Take care, Rusty

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