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Spring is upon us, I’m sure we are all busy with outdoor projects. Please maintain your safe attitude at home as we do at work. Especially when using outdoor power equipment.
Just a reminder, be sure to schedule and use all carry-over vacation by June 30th.

Some thing’s I’m working on;
Settled a grievance for Excessive Discipline, time off without pay was reduced from two days to one.

Brunner Island
Training in the new Fossil Progression line still remains an issue, the company has agreed to meet and discuss moving forward with training in the near future.
Employee was given excessive discipline.
Employee was not promoted to Temporary Leader.

Brookfield Energy (Holtwood)
Continue to meet with company on Operation schedule change for 2022.

Working on trying to schedule a continuation of a GRM for contractors doing bargaining unit work.

Trying to get a date scheduled for GRM for contractors doing bargaining unit work.

Service Tech’s
Met with six incoming Service Tech Entries at the SFC to welcome them aboard.

Now that COVID vaccine appointments are available to all, I hope that everyone gives serious consideration to getting vaccinated.

Stay Safe,

Terry Elekes

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