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Fall is slowly moving in making for those warm days and cool nights. My favorite time of year!

Things have been busy in the last month. Arbitration dates have been hot and we are finally getting a bunch scheduled. Some of our older grievances have been put into the line up as well, so if you are a part of one of those, please know we are still working to get them resolved. With the dates being scheduled we are now also getting settlement offers. We are working hard to get a fair deal in these situations.

The plant is now commercially available for gas on both units. They are capable of running either gas or coal now. Still no word or decision yet on the permits for their ash basin.
One long standing grievance 19-MON-005 is in the works to be settled. Two pending arbitrations scheduled.

Brunner Island
Units are running when dispatched.
No new grievances at this time. Two settlements are being worked out. 21-BRU-009 and 23-BRU-001. Four pending arbitrations scheduled.

Recently made a visit to the Holtwood Plant. Was very neat to see such an old facility still running and making power. Thanks to our members for the hospitality, and for doing the good work you do to keep the plant running safely and reliably.
No new issues to report there at this time.
Lastly there has been a rise in injuries. We are asking each and every one of you to try to reset and focus on the task at hand. Get help when needed, and take the necessary time to focus on doing every task in the safest way possible. If you feel pressured or not given the proper time or tools needed to do your job safely reach out to your Site BUSHPA, Steward, Chief Steward, or us here at the hall.

Stay Safe!!
Gene Lettich

Terry Elekes

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The Susquehanna Unit Meeting 1600-7 scheduled for June 11, 2024 is canceled due to our meeting location not being available.