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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Complaint Meetings
Harrisburg, we had three complaints resolved for misinterpretation of the rest table. Members were paid the appropriate rest pay.

Grievance Resolution Meetings

22-CEN-002 Denied Mini Vacation and our Member lost several Hours of his Mini Vacation due to carryover limit. (Material) Submitted to Federal Mediation.

22-CEN-003 Unjust Suspension. (Lines) Settled

22-CEN-005 Vacation denied due to business needs. (Material)

22-CEN-006 Vacation denied due to business needs. (Material)

22-CEN-007 Vacation denied due to business needs. (Material)

22-CEN-008 Discipline. (Lines)

22-CEN-009 Discipline. (Lines)

22-CEN-010 Discipline. (Lines)

22-CEN-012 Management doing BU work. (Material)

22-LAN-001 Management doing BU work. (Lines) In abeyance reviewing information.

22-LAN-002 Improper use of paid time off for COVID. (Material)

22-LAN-003 Leader out sick and Company not filling Temporary Leader. (Lines)

22-LAN-004 PT denied. (Lines)

22-LAN-005 Trouble call held till crew came in for regular shift. (Lines)

22-LEH-003 Not offered Temp Leader. (Lines) In abeyance working on a possible settlement.

22-LEH-004 Unsatisfactory Performance Review due to callouts. (Lines)

22-HBG-001 Company required doctors note for 2nd occurrence. (Lines)

22-HBG-002 Company required doctors note for 2nd occurrence. (Lines)

22-HBG-003 Discipline. We were able to reach a settlement, time-in-effect reduced. (Lines)

22-HBG-004 Job vacancy, Equipment Operator.

22-HBG-006 Unsatisfactory Performance Review. (Subs) Withdrawn based on the merits of the case.

22-HBG-007 Charged for callout while on PT. (Subs) Settled, callout charged removed.

22-HBG-008 Discipline. (Lines)

22-HBG-009 Linemen working UG work on overtime. (UG/N)

22-HBG-010 Working with contractors. (M&E)

22-HBG-011 Job vacancy, Substation.

22-HBG-012 Discipline. (Lines)

22-HBG-013 Discipline. (Lines)

22-SUS-001 Vacation denied. (Material)

22-SUS-005 Unsatisfactory Performance Review. (Material)

22-SUS-006 Contractors worked storm and Linemen not utilized.

22-SUS-007 Troublemen were not called out for storm duty.

22-SUS-008 Discipline. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement.
22-SUS-010 Discipline. (Material)

22-SUS-011 Company not running storm standby. (Troublemen)

22-SUS-012 Company not filling Troubleman shifts.

22-CEN-004 Unjust termination. (Lines)
Arbitration held on September 19, 2022 was settled.
Federal Mediation
20-NE-022 Incorrect Member received Temporary Leader. (Lines)

Scheduled for 12/5/22.

21-CEN-003 Denied vacation due to availability in the region. (Material)
Scheduled for 12/6/22.

Material Ma
The Company will be ready to meet with us later this month to continue our discussions.

Linemen Shift
Discussions are ongoing, our next scheduled meeting will be on 11/16/22.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!
Take care,

Terry Elekes

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