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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

It has been a very hot summer thus far with several weeks to go. Remember to stay hydrated and cool off as needed. Watch out for signs of heat stress and heat stroke.

Some things that I have going on,

Brunner Island –

There has been a rash of Management doing Bargaining Unit work. If you see a manager doing out work contact a steward.

Working with Chief Steward Jim Collins and the company to establish a new schedule for the Fossil Specialist progression line and a Hy-bird schedule for the E/I progression line for 2023.

Brookfield –

The contract with Brookfield expires on August 27, 2022. The Local negotiated with Brookfield last month and arrived at a Summary of Agreement on July 29th. Explanation meetings were held at both Wallenpaupack and Holtwood. Votes will be counted August 19th, Highlights of the agreement are;

6 year agreement.

3% GWI for each year of the agreement.

Improvements to vacation, shift differential, safety shoes, safety glasses and 401K for those that were hired after 2014.

Medical Plan intact with minimal contribution increases.

Upgrade to Leader increased to $5.00 per hour.

2.5x rate for all hours worked over 16 consecutive hours

Keep up the safe work.

In Solidarity,

Terry Elekes

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Our UNION and PPL have reached an agreement in an effort to help resolve the customer electric billing issues. The company will promote 15 CSA2s to CSA3 B03 step 1. The company will also temporarily promote 32 CSA2s to CSA3 B03 step 1 for 3 months. The company also agreed to pay the UNION monthly dues equal to CSA2 B01 step 1 for each contracted FTE in excess of the bargaining unit headcount if the company exceeds the contractor ratio for more than one month. Full details can be found in MA 23-0020.
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