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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

I am hopeful this will be a better year.

Complaint Meeting

Unjust termination, employee was involved in a  minor motor vehicle accident. (Subs Lehigh)
We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

Grievance Resolution Meetings

21-CEN-007  Unjust RBP. Member followed direction from a Line Supervisor to deliver material during a storm for a large power outage and was disciplined by his direct supervisor for working more than 16 hours. Submitted to Federal Mediation.

21-CEN-008  PT denied possible storm duty. (Lines)

22-CEN-002  Mini Vacation denied, which resulted in loss of Mini Vacation in excess of the 80 hours max carryover. (Material)

21-HBG-004  Termination. Company claimed insubordination for not reporting to work. (Lines)
We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

21-HBG-055  Company claims Member not qualified for an Electrical Test Trainee job bid. (Subs)

21-LAN-017  Unwarranted RBP,  bucket truck went off the road due to weather conditions,  became unbalanced after it entered a field and tipped over. (Lines)
Submitted to Federal Mediation.

21-LEH-011 thru 016  Unsatisfactory performance review due to callouts, during a pandemic. (Lines)

21-LEH-018  Unsatisfactory performance review due to callouts,  during a pandemic. (Lines)
Submitted to Federal Mediation

21-LEH-029  Unsatisfactory performance review due to callouts during a pandemic and off the roster for several months due to a on the job injury. (Subs)
We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

21-LEH-043  Termination, due to safety and performance. (Lines)
We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

21-LEH-047  Unwarranted RBP, accused of  leaving from storm duty without being released. (Lines)

21-NE-007 Excessive discipline. (Lines)
Settled, discipline  reduced.

21-NE-008 Excessive discipline. (Lines)
Settled, discipline  reduced.

21-NE-010 Excessive discipline. (Lines)
Settled, discipline  reduced.

21-SUS-007  Not offered lone work. (Material)


21-LEH-019  Termination (Material) Our Member was operating a forklift to move a jit (4×4 bin) filled with stick saws. The stick saws were protruding from the jit, and in the course of moving the jit, with the forklift, one of the stick saws was broken. The company did not believe our Members’ recollection of the incident. The arbitrator concluded that the company failed to carry its burden of demonstrating dishonesty or other just cause for discharge in this case. The grievance was sustained. Our Member will be made whole, back pay, seniority and all other loss of benefits.

20-HBG-119  Company not filling Troubleman vacancy.
Arbitration scheduled for 3/9/22 was postponed pending discussions.



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