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Fall is upon us, as the leaves start to change color and as the days are becoming shorter. Please remember to keep safety at the forefront of your minds.

Some things I’m working on –
Brunner Island
Working with the company on a settlement for an employee that was not offered modified duty for an on-the-job injury.
2nd step meetings
Company allowed crane licenses to expire without recertifying. Settled- employees will be recertified by the end of 2021.
Improper offering of overtime. Withdrawn
Excessive RBP. Withdrawn
Management doing BU work. Withdrawn

Upcoming arbitration for company improperly charging an employee sick time.
2nd step for excessive RBP. Filed for arbitration

Brookfield (Holtwood)
Operations schedule for 2022 finalized
Upcoming meeting with the company to look at overtime guidelines

I wish all the hunters a successful hunting season. Be safe while you are out in the woods.

Take care, in solidarity,

Terry Elekes

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