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Hello Sisters and Brothers,


Grievance Resolution Meetings

20-CEN-013  Troubleman not called for NL. Withdrawn, information warranted calling a crew immediately.

20-CEN-014  Member forced to use Mini Vacation when denied full rest period. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

20-CEN-015  Management performing B.U. work. (Material)

20-CEN-017Charged for a callout while on PT. (Lines)Submitted for Federal Mediation.

21-CEN-001  Forced to work while on vacation. (Lines) Submitted for Federal Mediation.

21-CEN-002  Management performing B.U. work. (Material)

20-LAN-014  Unwarranted RBP. (Electrical Test) We were able to reach a favorable settlement, RBP reduced.

20-HBG-116  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-HBG-118  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-HBG-119  Troubleman vacancy not filled. Submitted to arbitration.

20-HBG-120  Troubleman shift not filled.

21-HBG-004  Termination. (Lines) Submitted to arbitration.

21-HBG-005 Employee forced to leave work and use sick time, employee was fit for duty. (Material)

21-HBG-006 Employee forced to leave work and use sick time, employee was fit for duty. (Material)

21-SUS-002Denied vacation. (Lines)

21-SUS-003Denied vacation. (Lines)


16-GO-003The WEEVE arbitration is scheduled for April 15, 2021.

Material MA

Discussions are ongoing with the Company.


Local 1600 is looking for members who are interested in becoming a Bargaining Unit Trainer for Transmission and Distribution Lineman Training Program.

The process of selecting the members for this assignment will begin by canvassing members having five or more years of distribution experience in the jobs of Lineman Leader FS or Journeyman Lineman FS or a combination of both that is equal to five years of experience. In addition, the parties will consider qualified members before the Joint Disability Committee and on modified duty.

If you are interested please email us at RustyClausiusIBEWLocal1600@gmail.com

Please respond by April 9, 2021

Take care,



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