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Brothers and Sisters

While we are about to begin the next RIO at SSES please lets all focus on the task at hand and the pandemic facing our nation. With this added stress let us take the time to make sure we are proceeding with a clear and concise plan for the evolutions ahead, both the physical work and the health of our plant and co-workers.

As always there is no job so important that we can’t take the time to do it right or do it safely. The wellbeing and safety of our people and desire to have them leave work as good or better than they started the day is paramount.

The issues of:



Start times

Double time pay


Not posting year schedules


These are just a few of them that are still being fought over continuously, while the company seems to feel that the best approach is to just throw it at the wall and see if it sticks. Or the one I like the best is  if you don’t like it grieve it and see how it goes.

These tactics serve a purpose to be frustrating and cause discontent amongst us as a whole. While the process of arbitration is slow and involved. Let me be resolute in my position that we will fight tooth and nail to make sure that the contract is adhered to in every aspect. We negotiated for the wording in there and will follow the rules, as we expect the same from the company.

I have been in repeated conversations with the arbitration association for the need to get these issue on the docket and have been making progress, while still not fast enough for my liking we are moving in the right direction. I will post dates for specific arbitrations as soon as they are agreed to.

In Solidarity

Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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