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As spring approaches and winter exits, it will be nice to hear the sounds of lawn mowers instead of snow blowers. This past month we had several sever snow storms, much appreciation goes out to everyone that kept the power plants on line and the power moving through the distribution system.

Some things I’m working on;


Storeroom employee was not called out.

Employee was charged sick time inappropriately.

Brunner Island

Employee denied mini-vac for snow storm.

Employee denied modified duty for on-the-job injury.

Employee given unjust discipline.

Brookfield Energy (Holtwood)

Ongoing discussions for a change to Operations schedule for 2022.



Ongoing GRM’s for contractor doing bargaining unit work, waiting for company to schedule dates to continue.


Singed a MA for FMT’s to do storm restoration work.

GRM for contractors doing bargaining unit work, postponed by the company, waiting for new dates.

Service Tech’s

Beginning accessor training for those that volunteered.

Please stay diligent and follow all the guidelines for COVID, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel however now is not the time to let our guard down. As the vaccine rolls out, I would encourage everyone to give serious consideration to getting it.

Stay safe,


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