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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Material MA
Discussions are ongoing and we are hopeful to have an explanation meeting and vote on the MA in February.

Grievance Resolution Meetings

20-CEN-011  Members forced to use Mini Vacation when denied full rest period. (Lines)

20-CEN-013  Troubleman not called for NL.

20-CEN-014  Member forced to use Mini Vacation when denied full rest period. (Lines)

20-HBG-049  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-HBG-063  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-HBG-064  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-HBG-065  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-HBG-066  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-HBG-067  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-LAN-014  Unwarranted RBP. (Electrical Test)

20-LAN-015  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-LAN-016  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-LAN-018  Management performing Bargaining Unit work. (Material)

20-LAN-019  Troubleman shift not filled.

20-SUS-006  Denied PT. (Lines)

20-SUS-007  Denied PT. (Lines)

20-SUS-013  Denied vacation. (Lines)

20-SUS-015  Denied PT. (Lines)

Federal Mediation

19-HBG-036  Excessive RBP. (Subs)

19-HBG-047  Unsatisfactory performance review. (Subs)

19-HBG-048  Demotion (Subs)

We were able to reach a favorable settlement for the above named grievances.

20-LAN-009  Excessive RBP. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement, RBP reduced.

20-NE-021 Excessive RBP. (Electrical Test) Withdrawn based on merits of the case.


20-CEN-006  The Arbitrator ruled that the Company did not have just cause to discharge. Our Brother will be reinstated. (Troubleman)

Hopefully with the COVID 19 vaccine rollout the spread of the virus will slow down. We must continue to do our part to keep each other safe!

Take care,




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