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As we move into 2021 many of the same issues are still lingering from last year, mainly the COVID pandemic. I urge everyone to stay vigilant in protecting yourselves, your loved ones and your co-workers. With the roll out of vaccines hopefully the spread of this virus will come to an end soon.
Even though we are in the middle of winter the relatively mild temperatures have not been a good thing for our fossil power plants, run time as been low because of demand and prices.
Some things I’m working on;
I would like to thank Brian Stackhouse for his many years of service as Chief Steward, while he has stepped aside as Chief, Brian will remain a steward. Brooks Roberts took over as Chief Steward.
20-MON-004 Second step, Stockmen working out of job description

Brunner Island:
20-BRU-011 Second step, Company changed sick time inappropriately
20-BRU-012 Second step, Company denying modified duty for on-the-job injury
Completed a training curriculum for E/I trainees.

Service Techs –  Signed a MA to allow for a Bargaining Unit trainer
Meter Techs – Two ongoing GRM’s for contractors doing BU work

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