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Here are some things going on with Talen Fossil, Brookfield and Service Tech’s

Montour and Brunner Island Plants,

Montour has just completed its Unit 1 mini outage and will be finishing up the Unit 2 mini-outage very shortly. Unit 1 was completed safely and Unit 2 is progressing along also without any incidents.

Brunner is also in its outage season; Unit 2 is in a major outage with Reheater/Superheater replacement and Turbine overhaul. Unit 3 is completing its mini-outage and Unit 1 begins a mini-outage very soon. So far all have been done accident free.

Both plants did a great job especially amid the current situation of practicing social distancing and all the other requirements of COVID-19.

The new progression lines, Fossil Specialist and E/I, are having some growing pains. We have been working though the issues as they crop up.


The Holtwood plant continues to work safely. This plant is still involved with the VPP Program and has a recertification scheduled for this summer. Keep up the good work.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Holtwood has made some schedule modifications to enhance social distancing and limit interaction among workers.

Service Techs,

Service Tech’s are being allowed to take their vehicles home if they choose in ordered to help with social distancing.

Also, with the lack of work due to cut season being delayed, it was agreed to allow Service Tech’s to volunteer to help out in their local storerooms to do cycle counts and make local deliveries to workers in the field.

Stay Safe,

Terry Elekes

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