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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings

19-CEN-039 Supervisor doing B.U. work. (Material)

19-CEN-041 Trailer repaired by user instead of calling out a Mechanic. (Transportation)

19-CEN-042 Contractor doing B.U. work on the weekend. (Material)

19-CEN-043 Improper handling of employees due to the closing of the Marion Heights Service Center.

19-LAN-050 Unwarranted RBP. (Journeyman Lineman) Settled, RBP removed.

19-LAN-051 Unwarranted RBP. (Lineman Leader) Settled, RBP removed.

19-LAN-052 Unwarranted RBP. (Lineman Leader) Settled, RBP removed.

19-LEH-023 Bypassed for a LinemanLeader promotion. (Journeyman Lineman)

19-LEH-024 Bypassed for a callout due to being  removed from the roster. Supervisor directed our Dispatcher to remove our members. (Lines)

19-LEH-026 Unwarranted RBP. (Electrician Leader Network\UG)

19-LEH-029 Unwarranted RBP. (Journeyman Lineman)

19-NE-013 Micro strategy report for contractors not provided. (Lines)

19-NE-014 Denied bereavement. (Journeyman Lineman)

19-NE-015 Job vacancy not filled and contracted out. (Transportation Material Handler)

19-NE-016 Contractor added to garage. (Transportation)

20-NE-001 Improper handling of employees due to the closing of the Carbondale  Service Center.


Federal Mediation

19-HBG-036 Excessive RBP. (Journeyman Electrician Subs)

19-LAN-020 Discipline for alleged violation of company policies and procedures. (Material) Settled, RBP reduced.

19-LEH-008  Management performing BU work. (Electrical Test) In abeyance pending discussions.


Remember that SAFETY is everyone’s responsibility; watch out for each other, so we all can go home every day to our family.

Take care,


Terry Elekes

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