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Dear Brothers and Sisters

Once again fall is here and with that the colorful changing of the fall foliage which is always a sight to behold. Along with that is the excitement of the start of hunting season and the festive Halloween activity’s. Which both lead us to needing to be extra careful when traveling, children as well as deer have a way of just popping out of no where, so please be as watchful as we can be.

Also I would like to thank all the members who devote the time and take the responsibility to take on the Unit positions such as; Unit Chair, Unit Vise Chair and Unit Recorder. The work these people do is indispensable and all too often go unrecognized. So please the next time you see one of the unit officers give them a well-earned and so deserved THANK YOU!

Outstanding issues:

The issues we had are still outstanding as of today. But we have meetings scheduled and I am hopeful that a resolution will be forth coming.

Overtime guidelines for mechanical maintenance.

Start times and schedule discussions.

In Solidarity,

Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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