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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings

23-HBG-002 Company did not follow Overtime Opportunities Agreement. (Lines) In abeyance waiting on Company’s response to our offer to settle this grievance.

23-HBG-003 Management performing BU work. (Material) In abeyance, pending discussions.

23-HBG-004 Management performing BU work, programming network protector relays. (UG/LTN) Submitted to arbitration.

23-LEH-006 Unjust termination. (Lines) In abeyance, pending settlement discussions.

22-NE-010 Member received a 3-Day DML. (UG/LTN) Submitted to Federal Mediation.

Federal Mediation

22-LEH-047 Member received a 5-Day DML. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement at Federal Mediation held on 6/27/23.

22-HBG-013 Unwarranted discipline. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement at Federal Mediation held on 6/29/23.

Linemen Shift
We are scheduling dates the weeks of 7/31/23 and 8/7/23 to reconvene our discussions.

Material MA
Waiting on the Company’s counter proposal from our meeting held on 7/6/23. The Company anticipates we will receive their counter proposal by 7/14/23.

Take care,

Terry Elekes

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The Executive Board has appointed John J. Clausius as President/Financial Secretary. Due to John appointed as President/Financial Secretary opens a vacancy for Vice President. The Vice President vacancy per the IBEW Constitution Art. 16 Sec 16 shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular election. The Executive Board will be accepting resumes for the Vice President until May 3, 2024. Resumes can be sent to: IBEW Local 1600 Att: Executive Board 1259 Grange Road Allentown, PA 18106