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Hello Sisters and Brothers.
Summer is here and id like to wish everyone a happy and safe summer season.
Id like to also remind everyone of the scholarships that will be coming out in the very near future for those that have college students attending schools. The applications will be on our website and the requirements for the application to be considered will be listed within. This opportunity is for all our valued members in good standing and these days every bit helps.
I would also like to mention we continue to push Triple A for the scheduling of long overdue arbitrations. We have started to get some dates and we will work towards getting them completed.
As you know the issues with handing out RBP continue to be at the forefront of many of the grievances we have been dealing with and we will continue to address them as they come up.

Issues at hand: TALEN ENERGY
scheduled on June 7th for an unjust termination.
2nd Steps:
Held second step for employee receiving unjust RBP and we are awaiting the company’s response

As of this date we have GRM scheduled for June 5th for 22-HBG-014
We continue to get the dates for others as soon as possible.
Going over issues with contracting out work
Issues with working above job descriptions
Issues with TWA while contracting out work
We will continue to address these issues in hopes of working it out and getting resolution to the matters

MA was signed for the Lab Worker spec temp position. This was agreed upon to avoid the work being contracted out as the company feels at this time it is only a temporary need and will be reviewed again if the need becomes more then what they are expecting.
Any questions please feel free to reach out to me
In solidarity ,
Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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