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February already and still little to no snow (bummer). Although no snow…yet, please be very aware of the weather conditions in your area. Be extra careful when stepping outside, look for icy patches and proceed with care. I hope everyone had an uneventful and easy glide into the New Year.

Below are some items I’ve been working on:

Ephrata Borough

Electric Department – a request was received to expand on MA 10EPH-005, which provides FR clothing for the Electric Department personnel. I spoke with the Borough regarding this request and a Meet & Discuss will be scheduled in the near future.

Meter Reading Support – We are still waiting for a signed agreement regarding meter reading support. I spoke with Nancy Harris, Municipal Services Manager, to find out the status. She will review and respond.


Logistics – A meeting was held with all of the Logistics employees at the SFC with regards to behavior/work environment issues. The employees have been advised that going forward the Company will be handling these issues through the performance appraisal process and/or RBP.

Storm Support Rosters – The Company has approached the Union to further discuss storm assessment. The Company is interested in expanding the amount of job classifications that perform storm assessment. A meeting was held on December 18th and a follow up meeting will be scheduled in the next few weeks.

20LEH-017 – an arbitration was held on 12/8/22 regarding Dial Directory work at the CCCs. The Dial Directory is an online internal reference manual used by the CCC progression lines to perform everyday tasks. In the early ‘90s a committee of bargaining unit employees was formed to maintain the information on the Dial Directory. In 2015, the Company eliminated the Bargaining Unit committee and gave all of the work to management. Briefs were submitted on 1/20/23 and we should receive a decision within the next 30 days or so.

20LEH-026 – an arbitration was held on 1/18/23 regarding employees being sent home on quarantine due to COVID exposure being provided lone work. Briefs are to be submitted by 2/23/23.

Contracts have been distributed to most of the Bargaining Unit members. If you haven’t received your contract, please contact the Local Union office at 610-395-8167.

One last item, a sincere thank you to all of the Bargaining Unit personnel that worked the storm over Christmas. Mother Nature has not been that kind to us over the last few years. However, as always, we rise to the challenge and do what needs to be done, safely, accurately and efficiently. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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