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Happy New Year’s Sisters and Brothers.  If you made any New Year’s resolutions to get healthier now is a good time to use your Lifestyle Spending Account.  Talen and PPL implemented the LSA with $2500.00 for you to use on eligible items.  I recommend you seek confirmation of eligibility prior to any purchase such as a treadmill, bike or whatever you desire.

At Montour the gas project appears to be on schedule.  The pipeline is complete and is 17 miles long.  While there is a lot of work still ahead, there are expectations that natural gas operations may begin this summer.

We will continue moving forward on the PPL Shift discussions and the Material M.A.

A big thank you to all our workers who supported our customers by keeping the power on, keeping the plants running, answering customer calls and giving 100% all day every day!


In Solidarity,
President Frank E.G.

Terry Elekes

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