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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings

22-CEN-003  Unjust Suspension, due to alleged aggressive behavior. (Lines)

Sent to Federal Mediation.

22-CEN-004  Unjust termination, due to alleged aggressive behavior. (Lines)

Sent to arbitration.

22-HBG-005 Company not filling vacancy. (Transportation)

In abeyance, awaiting additional information to review.

21-NE-003  Roster availability, long standing past practice. (UG/N)

In abeyance, awaiting additional information to review.

21-NE-004  Unjust treatment, 35% callout response for the year during a Global Pandemic, COVID 19.

Withdrawn based on discussions at the GRM.

21-NE-005  Roster availability, long standing past practice.

In abeyance, awaiting additional information to review.

21-SUS-007  Not offered lone work. (Material)

Sent to Federal Mediation.

21-SUS-010  LTN/UG crews have been traveling outside of the Susquehanna Region due to lack  of scheduled work. Line crews have been receiving the majority of UG work.

In abeyance, settlement pending.


22-CEN-004 Unjust termination. (Lines)

Arbitration scheduled for September 19, 2022. 

Material Ma

The Company will be ready to meet with us late June to mid-July to continue our discussions.

Linemen Shift

Discussions have started with the Company on the framework for our members, with the work life balance being the most important part of our discussions. Some of the items we discussed to date; schedules, crewing, trucks, and equipment just to name a few topics we have been discussing. The plan is to meet once a week over the next several months.

NSUJL Rodeo 2022

The National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo will be held June 17th and 18that City View Park, 700 South Poplar Street, Hazleton, PA 18201. Friday night will be the 11th Annual Climbing for Lost Linemen from 5pm-9pm. This is a ceremony honoring all Sisters/Brothers who lost their lives on the Line in the prior 12 months. In memory of each of the fallen Sisters/Brothers a lantern will hung. Saturday will be the 10th Annual Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo from 8am till around 3pm.  Please come out and support our 2022 Rodeo Team and the NSUJL!

 Our 2022 Rodeo Team

Ed Cipressi – Helper

Ken Andreas – Troubleman

Hunter Bowers – Journeyman Lineworker Trainee

Jamie Slotterback – Journeyman Lineworker Trainee

Kyle Everitt – Journeyman Lineman

Kris Rech – Journeyman Lineman

Mike Cibello – Journeyman Lineman

Dan Aniska – Journeyman Lineman

Andrew Barthol – Helper

Justin Talipan – Helper

Eric Jacobs – Troubleman

Mark Hilkert – Journeyman Lineworker Trainee

Markis Hunter – Helper

Chad Hartman – Journeyman Lineworker

Cory Recla – Journeyman Lineworker

Jeremy Medash – Journeyman Lineman

Spencer Hicks – Journeyman Lineman


Take care and have a great summer!

Terry Elekes

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