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Hello Sister and Brothers

The warmer weather is coming and the outage at SSES is complete, even with the shortage of manpower and lack of contractor support normally brought in and the increase of outage work scope, once again by working together we have shown we are the work force of choice.

We provide an unequaled level of support to the station no matter the nature of the work needing to be completed or even with the added stress of knowing just enough information about the company’s future or the plan to get there to question the long-term prospects and outlook for our own peace of mind. We the members of Local 1600 have proven the value of having one of the best workforces in the industry. Time and Time again the resolve of our members is what sets us apart from any other group in the industry. Maybe, just maybe with the company going through the financial burdens it has been facing they will come to realize that the lack of permanent personnel and level of staffing in the crucial roles is one of the main reasons they find themselves in the turmoil they are going through.

If I can see the cost savings they are passing up on, then those whose job it is strictly to determine the best financial way to proceed should certainly be able to get to the conclusion that the use of contractors at the level the company uses CANNOT BE THE MOST ECONOMICAL. When it is considered across the many different power plants we operate. It can be calculated that the fully loaded cost of let’s say a top step journeyman level employee is within one or two dollars of 88 dollars an hour.  Tell me how much it cost to have a contractor at a power plant per hour !!!!

Sisters and Brothers let me assure you we will continue to push for better staffing levels and to KEEP OUR WORK IN HOUSE.

I would also like to let you know the gratitude you and I should show to the members elected by you to attend the 40thIBEW INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION. They represented all of us within Local 1600 at the highest level. Once completed I will put out the outcome of the resolutions and amendments that were put forth at the convention. I will also tell you that our 3rd district IVP Mike Welsh was affirmed to continue representing our district as our IVP. Mike, you have our congratulations and support in the role of IVP.

Now that the outage is completed, we will resume the scheduling of first and second step grievances starting with the earliest one’s going forward. We will remain persistent to progressing outstanding Arbitrations.

Once again please give a thank you to those members we voted on to attend the 40th IBEW Convention

Ken Andreas, Paul Greenwood, Donna Kancsal, Mike Sedora, Rachel Smith, Ken Witmer and Ron Webb

While the days were long it was important to have a vote in the future of the IBEW for us all.


In Solidarity
Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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