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Brothers and Sisters,


  • employee had sick time returned to sick bank after being sent home for possible sickness.


  • Employees were called to arrange overtime for the following day and did not receive a meal after working more than 4 hours.
  • Employees not allowed to work an 8-hour shift while others were allowed.
  • Employees being denied rest period rules when working 3 or more hours before the start of their normally scheduled shift.
  • Employees denied change of shift.
  • Employee being directed to use mini in place of sick.
  • Employees being paid improperly for holiday.
  • Employees pay being reduced due to an overpayment outside the bounds of the settlement agreement already in place.

2ndstep requests:

  • 20-BER-008
  • 20-Ber-025
  • 20-BER-021
  • 20-BER-022

Arbitrations requested:

  • 20-BER-010
  • 20-BER-014
  • 20-BER-015
  • 20-BER-016
  • 20-BER-017
  • 20-BER-018


I continue to request expedited dates for the arbitrations as soon as possible

We continue to argue over contract language and the definitions of wording, which in my opinion is not something that should be happening. I hope that the arbitrations will put these issues to rest and we can continue to move forward.


In Solidarity

Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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