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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings

19-CEN-029  Vacancy not filled. (Electrical Test Tech)

19-CEN-030  Journeyman Mechanic called out and performed Material Handler work. (Material)

19-CEN-034  Vacancies not filled. (Lines)

19-CEN-035  Substitution pay. (Material)

19-CEN-037  Vacancy not filled. (Material)

19-LAN-048  Vacancy not filled. (Journeyman Lineman)

19-LAN-050  Unwarranted RBP. (Journeyman Lineman)

19-LAN-051  Unwarranted RBP. (Lineman Leader)

19-LAN-052  Unwarranted RBP. (Lineman Leader)

19-LAN-055  Sinking Spring crew worked instead of calling a Cocalicocrew. (Lines)

19-LAN-056  Sinking Spring crew worked instead of calling a Lancaster crew. (Lines)

19-LAN-057  Cocalico crew worked instead of calling a Sinking Spring. (Lines)

Federal Mediation

19-LAN-020  Discipline for alleged violation of company policies and procedures. (Material)

19-LEH-008 Management performing BU work. (Electrical Test)

Temporary Bargaining Unit Trainer Canvass Form Link


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all!

Take care,


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