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Hello and Welcome Summer. By now everyone is preparing for the 4th of July and enjoying the lazy days of summer. Enjoy the warm weather and please keep safety in the forefront when enjoying outside activities or performing work outdoors.

In June, I had the opportunity to attend the NSUJL Lineman Rodeo, held in Clearfield Pa. The rodeo begins with a ceremony for fallen linemen. This when a lantern is hung in honor of a lineman who is no longer with us. This was a reverent and solemn event. As far as, the competition held the next day…what a sight to see. The ability, strength and awareness displayed was nothing short of amazing. Just watching these linemen climb a pole, at a fast pace, perform the task(s) and descend was mind blowing. Although I only saw a small glimpse of what a lineman does every day, it only increases the amount of respect and thanks I have for all that you do. My sincerest thanks for all that you do. It’s a privilege to represent such a dedicated group of members.

On another note, it’s been brought to my attention that some employees with a hire date of 12/31/18, only received 8 hours of mini vacation on 7/1/19. Per the language in the CBA (Article VIII, Section 2, Paragraph B(3), you should receive 16 hours of mini vacation. PPL is aware of the error and is in the process of correcting it.

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