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Brothers and Sisters, with the Holidays right around the corner I hope you all get to enjoy Thanksgiving with your families. If you participate in the Pennsylvania Deer Season good luck and be safe!

We have been working with Talen on a contract extension. We have reached an agreement. You will receive the Memorandum of Agreement with all the details in the mail, you will also receive a ballot and instructions, please read and follow the instructions so your secret ballot counts. All ballots MUST be received at the post office by noon on December 2, 2022, any ballots later than that will be void.

If ratified the two-year contract extension will include the following benefits for Local 1600 Union members:

• A ratification bonus of $1,500 and a one-time cash incentive of 2% of base pay that will be paid upon ratification.

• A 3% General Wage Increase payable in August 2023.

• A 3% General Wage Increase payable in August 2024.

• A one-time cash incentive of 1% of base pay payable in August 2024.

• All other terms of the CBA remain in effect.

Your Union Leadership strongly recommends accepting this agreement.

The PPL contact books have been delayed due to a paper shortage at the printer. Last word was they started the printing and may be complete this month. Like everything else we are at the mercy of the supply chain.

Stay safe out there!

In Solidarity,

President Frank E.G.

Terry Elekes

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