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Hello brother and sisters,
Summer is now here and the heat is pouring on. For those who look forward to this season, I hope you are enjoying it!! Just a reminder that in these high temperature days, remember to stay hydrated (properly) and look out for the signs of any heat related illness.
Since my last communication we have gotten the arbitration ruling from the FMLA case. It was in our favor as to what was in the contract. If anyone needs further explanation please feel free to reach out.

We are to be getting notice very soon on the decisions on the Montour staffing numbers and reductions. We will post any further information as it occurs. We will work very hard to make sure our members try to get the outcome they are looking for.
Brunner update- All units running. Two pending Arbitrations : one is for missed overtime, and one for changing the schedule of the E&I line without notification per the contract language.

Montour update- Both units running. Waiting on final notice of what the company plans for reductions, and how we will proceed forward.

Holtwood/Wallenpaupack update- Two units in outage. A screen repair job going as well. No other issues to report at this time. Had a visit to Wallenpaupack in late April. Met with management to discuss a few topics. More to follow.

With the warm weather here we know our members will be busy keeping everyone air conditioners and lights on. Lets remember not to take any short cuts, and provide our skilled work safely and with the quality our membership is known for! Enjoy and stay cool!

Gene Lettich

Terry Elekes

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