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The Holiday Season is upon us! Although we have many things in the workplace that cause stress and anxiety, I hope the Holiday Season brings some joy and happiness as we find ourselves visiting family and friends.

In the workplace at PPL, we arbitrated the use of contractors on weekends and evenings known as the WEEVE crew. The arbitrator denied our grievance ruling that the company did not violate the contracting out language. On the bright side the company and the Union are going to negotiate the rules and schedules regarding shift work so when the day comes that we have enough workers with the shift title to displace the contractors we are ready. Our goal is to have reasonable rules and an attractive schedule that will retain the shift workers we have and attract new hires as well.

Ephrata Borough contract negotiations are complete. After seven meetings Borough Managers and Local 1600’s negotiating team have reached a tentative agreement. The Summary of Agreement is being drafted for signatures after which it will be mailed out to members. I can tell you it’s a five-year term and has reasonable changes, improvements, and fair wage increases. Detailed information will be released soon. I would like to thank the Borough and our Local 1600 negotiating team for the professional, and cooperative approach during these negotiations.

Happy Thanksgiving,

President Frank E.G.

Terry Elekes

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