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December already…my how time flies.  As many of us prepare for the Christmas season please keep safety as one of those long-standing traditions.  Make sure to check the strings of lights to make sure they are working properly and there are no frayed cords.  Be patient and cautious with the increased holiday travel and most of all have a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas Season.

Here are some items, I’ve been working on:

Ephrata Borough
A tentative agreement has been reached between the parties and a copy along with a ballot has been mailed to all members. An explanation meeting is scheduled to be held on December 14, 2021 beginning at 6:30pm.

20COM-026 Arbitration decision – the arbitrator ruled in favor of the Company with regards to the new store that opened last year.

20COM-013 and 20COM-015 are still waiting to be scheduled for arbitration. These grievances are for the work being performed by non-union members out of the Fairview Hub.

On another note, a meeting was held with the Company with regard to safety measures for employees out in the field. The meeting was productive, and I hope that some (if not all) of the measures have been put in place. Some of the measures discussed are supervisors checking on the status of employees at the end of shift, providing a 2 man team for any area or situation that is deemed unsafe. Providing a mass notice of any situation that has occurred within the territory that could put employees at risk.

We are in ongoing discussions with the Company regarding a Work from Home agreement. Local 1600 is currently reviewing a draft proposal received from the Company.

The Company has approached Local 1600 regarding the recently suspended OSHA mandate for vaccinations and if no vaccination testing. Local 1600 provided some ideas on how to address the no vaccination, which then requires testing. At this time, nothing is agreed to.

There are multiple grievances at the GRM/Mediation stage. I have emailed the Company to get them scheduled by the end of the year or we would find the Company in violation of time limits. At this time most of the grievances that are at the GRM stage are scheduled. The grievances awaiting mediation are waiting for a response from the Federal Mediator on his availability.

Finally welcome to all the new employees recently hired into Helper positions and Customer Service Assistant positions and any others I may not have mentioned. I wish much success at PPL.

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