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Hello Sisters and Brothers

As the end of summer is fast approaching, I hope everyone had a much more enjoyable summer then what they had last year. As much as I would like to be able to state that morale within the company has improved or at least is heading in the right direction I am unable to put that forth as a statement of fact or truth.

Sadly it is just the opposite, the company continues its “Just make them grieve it “approach to how they want to deal with the issues that are continuing and even invent language that doesn’t exist.

Hopefully the upcoming arbitrations when complete will serve to illuminate the fact that its always better to follow the contract instead of find ways to try and twist wording around to make it fit the scenario you are trying to create.

Agreement on the hire hire post tracking
Return of 2 hours mini in place of sick
Posting of schedules for maintenance

Second step meetings:
21-BER-019 Meals
21-BER-021 Excessive RBP
21-BER-022 Not paying proper rate for spec temp
21-BER-023 Equalization of job assignments
21-LMB-005 Improper change of shift/schedule
21-LMB-006 Improper change of shift/schedule

New Arbitrations submitted:
21-LMB-005 Improper change of shift/schedule

Second step replies currently under review for the BER grievances listed above.

In Solidarity,
Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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