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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Material MA

On September 11thand 17th we had Zoom meetings to explain the PPL Material MA relative to the revisions of the Material Progression Line. The MA was voted on and voted down on September 28, 2020. We requested dates from the Company to reconvene and discuss the issues we heard from our members.


Federal Mediation

Federal Mediation had to be rescheduled for the Grievances listed below, new date 10-16-20.

19-LEH-023  Member not canvassed  for permanent Leader position. (Lines)

19-NE-014  Member granted time off then revoked. (Lines)


Grievance Resolution Meetings

20-HBG-038  Marginal performance review. (Material)

No resolution at the GRM, sent to Federal Mediation.

20-LAN-009  Excessive RBP, decision making leave. (Troubleman)

No resolution at the GRM, sent to Federal Mediation.

20-LAN-012  Vacation denied, roster availability. (Lines)

In abeyance pending discussions.

20-LEH-009  Unsatisfactory Performance Review. (Lines)

Settled, satisfactory performance attained.

20-NE-021  Unwarranted RBP. (Electrical Test)

No resolution at the GRM, sent to Federal Mediation.


COVID Rosters

We will be requesting a meet and discuss with the Company on the roster issues. The Chief Stewards and Stewards are in the process of gathering information from our members on if they want to return to their regular rosters.


Safety Shoe Rule Change Memo

We requested a meet and discuss on the Memo in regards to how you will be reimbursed.



When you file a Missed Overtime with the Supervisor make a copy for your records and send a copy of the form and the supporting documents to the Union Hall, attention Rusty Clausius. We have had numerous Missed Overtime cases that were not forwarded to the ORC team from the Supervisor.


Please continue to follow the recommendations from the CDC and public health officials to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Take care,


Terry Elekes

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