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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

As the fall season moves in and we start to put away all our summer things and begin to get out all of our winter things, be sure to check all of your equipment out before using and do so safely.

Fall also brings open enrollment for health care, be sure to review all the information provided by your company and choose what is best for yourself and your families.



Montour Grievances – Stockmen Generation working outside of their job description.

Brunner Island Grievances – Unjust RBP

Metering Grievances – Employee denied sick pay, Contractors doing BU work.

Still working on many issues at Brunner and Montour with regard to the new progression lines; schedules at Brunner and training at both locations to name a few.

COVID is still wreaking havoc in our areas, please follow all guidelines to protect yourself, your families and your co-workers.


Take Care and Stay Safe


Terry Elekes

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