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Hello Sisters and Brothers, it is election time and the biggest race is for the President of the United States of America. Joe Biden has been endorsed by the I.B.E.W.  Please VOTE, it’s your right, October 19, 2020 is the last day to register before the November 3, 2020 election.

The PPL Bargaining Unit Safety Advocates have completed their six-month assignment and will be returning to work in the field.  A big Thank you to the outgoing BUSA’s: Jesse Hilton, Mike Bezick, Steven Fox, Kyle Ritter, Ken Andreas, Mark Drum, Eric Rhoads, Jesse Roberts.

A big welcome to the incoming BUSA Team:

Jeff Rambish – Relay Test – Lancaster

Justin Ferguson – Transportation – Cocalico

Scott Trexler– Metering – Lehigh

Andy Allvord – Cen/Susq T&D – Frackville

Joe Harsch – Leh/Ne T&D – Hamlin

Ed Messimer – Lan/Har T&D – Newport

Al Lipshaw – Subs – Frackville

John Grado – Subs – Montoursville

Miguel Cabrera – LTN – Lancaster

William Shumate – T-man – Scranton

Congratulations to Montour for going two years without a safety incident!

The PPL Material M.A. was presented, explained and voted on. It was overwhelmingly rejected; we will be requesting dates to meet and discuss the issues.

As Covid-19 appears to be showing an upward trend in many of our areas it is very important to take it seriously and keep protecting ourselves and others by wearing masks, sanitizing hands, tools, equipment, etc.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

In Solidarity,

President Frank E.G.

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The Susquehanna Unit Meeting 1600-7 scheduled for June 11, 2024 is canceled due to our meeting location not being available.