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December already…my how time flies.  As many of us prepare for the Christmas season please keep safety as one of those long-standing traditions.  Make sure to check the strings of lights to make sure they are working properly and there are no frayed cords.  Be patient and cautious with the increased holiday travel and most of all have a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas Season.

Here are some items, I’ve been working on:

Ephrata Borough

  • Currently reviewing a revised training curriculum for the recently negotiated Lineman program.
  • I will be meeting with the Local Chief Steward and Stewards to discuss the ‘standby’ agreement for Public Works employees.


  • Labor agreements are printed and will be delivered to Comcast for distribution.

Comcast Grievances

19COM-002– Contractors doing Maintenance work and no offer of overtime – meeting held on 11/18/19 to discuss – a reconvene of this is being scheduled to have the appropriate bargaining unit representative(s) in attendance.

19COM-003– Employee, on standby, not compensated the 4-hour minimum when responding to a work call and providing assistance via cell phone.

19COM-005– Elimination of the night shift in maintenance – proceeding to 2ndstep.

19COM-006– Termination – proceeding to 2ndstep.

19COM-007– Termination – proceeding to 2ndstep.


 Material– Meetings have been held with the Company regarding the proposed changes to the Helper-Material and Material Handler progression line.  Discussions are ongoing and we are currently waiting for the Company to send their revised proposal for our review.

Drafting – An agreement was signed revising the existing drafting progression line and creating the new job classifications of Engineering Drawing Detailer and Senior Engineering Drawing Detailer.  The Company is currently in the process of filling a vacancy in the job classification of Engineering Drawing Detailer and next year will proceed to fill 2 more vacancies in this job classification.  The initial 3 vacancies will all be new hire.  Future vacancies, after the initial 3, will follow the language in Article V, Section 2, Paragraph M(3), hire, hire, post.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local steward or you can contact me at the Local Union office.

CCC – The parties reconvened on 11/7/19 to review the Company proposal for changes to the current progression line.  We will meet again on 12/9/19 and 12/13/19.  Updates will be provided on the website.

PPL Grievances:  

19CEN-026– Employee denied injury on duty pay – Settled employee paid for injury on duty absence.                                                                                                                              

19CEN-031– System Shops vacancy not filled.

19CEN-032– System Shops vacancy not filled.

19CEN-033System Shops vacancy not filled.

18GO-026– Steno vacancy not filled.

19GO-014– Steno vacancy not filled.

19GO-015– Unjust RBP – employee received discipline for inadvertently accessing a PPL initiated phishing email – proceeding to mediation.

19HBG -034– Line Clearance Inspector vacancy not filled.

19LEH-020– Company instituting a dress code in dispatch – proceeding to mediation.

19LEH-021– Termination – Settled changed to resignation.

19NE-012– Unjust RBP – employee received discipline for inadvertently accessing a PPL initiated phishing email – proceeding to mediation.

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