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Dear Sisters and Brothers

The holiday seasons are here again. So as we prepare for them with all of the decorating to be done both inside and outside our homes, please keep in mind how fast an unexpected slip, trip or fall can put a damper on our planned activities with our friends and families. so please take the extra moment to look at the safest way to accomplish a task both at home and at work.


  • Attended the IBEW nuclear conference with chief steward Gene Durange and steward Gene Lettich.
  • This conference was very informative, many rules were discussed and proposed. There was a lot of discussion with the NRC member that attended on the topic of Fatigue Rules and the effects that those rules have imposed on the members. As stated, he would take these concerns back to the panel for discussion in the main body.
  • One of the main rulings in our favor was that there was no reason for the NRC to make a rule change that the process of access deniability could not be arbitrated. This is a WIN for all union members.



  • At this time I would like to welcome the 3 members that were sworn in at last month Lehigh unit meeting by Unit Chairman Keith Lambert:

Randi Mcneely                 CSA1

Annamarie Rodriguez     CSA1

Ivette Yunez                     CSA1

We look forward to seeing you at the unit meetings in the future.



  • The shift Differential settlements should now be complete.
  • Make up overtime was offered for a missed overtime complaint



  • The Union and the Company are continuing to work towards agreements on the ongoing issues.Any change to this will be brought to the stewards and members attention.


The Staff at local 1600 and I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays


In Solidarity

Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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