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Hello Sisters and Brothers of IBEW Local 1600.

We finally got our website up and running, a special thanks to Brother Terry Elekes.  This will continue to be a work in progress as we work towards getting important information downloaded for you to access.

By now you may already know that Steve Knoebel has retired from his position as President of Local 1600.  I applied for the position since his term was not complete and the Executive Board appointed me as your new President/Financial Secretary.  It is with great honor that I accept this appointment.  My 16 years in various roles at Local 1600, including Vice President/Assistant Business Manager has me well prepared to lead our UNION in an efficient and respectable manner.  I thank outgoing President Steve Knoebel for his service to Local 1600.  Steve and I go a long way back, all the way to the construction days at PPL.  We worked hard back then, and we worked hard at the Local. I plan on continuing to work hard for our members moving forward.  Thank you Brother Knoebel, enjoy your retirement, you earned it.

  • John “Rusty” Clausius was appointed to the position of Vice President/Assistant Business Manager.  Rusty will retain the same Business Rep duties he had.  Anyone that knows him can attest he will have no problem fulfilling his new role based on his work ethics.
  • Mike Mannix was brought on as a Business Rep.  Mike is a 34-year member and has served on the Executive Board, as a Chief Steward and on negotiating committees.  Mike’s responsibilities are Talen Brunner Island and Montour, Brookfield Renewable and PPL Service Tech progression line.
  • Business Representative Dan Zerbe retired after many years of service to our UNION.Thank you Brother Zerbe for your loyalty to Local 1600 and its members, enjoy your retirement and best wishes to you.
  • The rest of our Local 1600 staff remains intact, Jane Biever and Mark Schwartz.

Although I am still transitioning into my new role business continues in all our companies.

Comcast:  2/11/19 the parties reached a tentative agreement for a 4 year term including a 2% wage increase each year.  3/7/19 Local 1600 Comcast members overwhelmingly rejected the Summary of Agreement.  The parties agreed to get back to the table on 3/21/19

PPL:  Discussions have started on a host of ongoing issues such as Lineman trainee callout response, Staffing, Classroom size, WEEVE crews performing our work and flagging.

A team is being formed for the Customer Contact Center to address ways to improve work methods. Business Rep Jane Biever will lead this charge for 1600.

Talen:  Discussions have started regarding ways to reduce the cost of retiree medical, clarify application of meals, shift change, overtime and seniority stacking in the new progression lines.

Brookfield and Ephrata Borough appear to have things running smoothly, at this time.


In closing, please keep in mind the website will get better as we become more accustom to it.  Work Safe!

In Solidarity,

Frank E. G.

Terry Elekes

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The Susquehanna Unit Meeting 1600-7 scheduled for June 11, 2024 is canceled due to our meeting location not being available.