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Another month, another round of storms. Thanks to all the line crews, storm support staff, and those beyond the field for doing their part to get the lights back on and to put another storm behind us. I appreciate our members focus on safety whether you are completing normal daily job duties, providing storm restoration, supporting a plant outage, impacted by workforce reduction/voluntary retirements, or any other work-related issues. It’s very easy to get distracted and lose focus on the task at hand. Use your stop/time-outs anytime you feel necessary and reset. Keep in mind who is waiting for you at home to return in the same condition you were in before you left. Congratulations to Rusty Clausius on his recent promotion to President of Local 1600. I appreciate his dedication and time to the local and for his patience in training me. This also applies to the entire staff including the Administrative Assistants.
Below are some things that I have been working on.
-Excessive RBP grievances/settlements
-Termination, submitted to Arbitration
-Missed OT for Troublemen
-Missed OT for Storm Assessors
-Storm Assessor Discussions
-Line Transfers
-Troubleman Schedules – Thank you to the Chief Stewards and the Backshift Committee for all your extra time and effort to help create schedules that support coverage and work/life balance.

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