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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings

22-CEN-002 Denied Mini Vacation and our Member lost several Hours of his Mini Vacation due to carryover limit. (Material) Settled, Mini Vacation restored.

22-LAN-002 Improper use of paid time off for COVID. (Material) In abeyance till we receive arbitrator ruling on 20-LEH-026 that was held on 1/18/23.

22-LAN-003 Leader out sick and Company not filling Temporary Leader. (Lines) In abeyance, Company reviewing Union offer to settle this grievance.

22-LAN-007 Company refusing to follow language and staff Quarryville with enough Leaders for the man power in the building. In abeyance, Company reviewing Union offer to settle this grievance.

22-LEH-003 Not offered Temp Leader. (Lines)
Submitted to Federal Mediation.

22-LEH-004 Unsatisfactory Performance Review due to callouts. (Lines)
Submitted to Federal Mediation.

22-HBG-008 Discipline. We were able to reach a settlement, time-in-effect reduced. (Lines)

22-HBG-009 Linemen working UG work on overtime. (UG/N) In abeyance pending discussions.

22-HBG-021 Termination (Lines) GRM scheduled 2/8/23.

Federal Mediation

20-NE-022 Incorrect Member received Temporary Leader. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement at the Federal Mediation Meeting held on 12/5/22.

21-CEN-003 Denied vacation due to availability in the region. (Material) Federal Mediation Meeting held on 12/6/22 in abeyance pending discussions with the Company.

22-HBG-001 Company required doctors note for 2nd occurrence. (Lines) Federal Mediation scheduled for 2/28/23.

22-HBG-002 Company required doctors note for 2nd occurrence. (Lines) Federal Mediation scheduled for 2/28/23.

Material Ma

We will be meeting with the Company on 2/10/23 to continue our discussions. We are hopeful to reach a tentative agreement at our meeting.

Linemen Shift
Our last meeting was held on 11/16/22. The Company is reviewing our counter proposal that they received from us on 11/16/22. We are awaiting dates from the Company to reconvene our discussions. Some of the topics we are discussing include, schedules, crewing, how you get on and off the shift and pay. Work life balance is the most important part of our discussions.

Transmission Sub Work
We were told that the Transmission substation protection and control maintenance, planned and unplanned, will be performed by Transmission Asset Commissioning (Engineer(s) and Contractors). We requested a meet and discuss with the Company.

Christmas Storm
Once again, we had to endure a storm around a holiday, thank you all who played a roll in restoring power to the customers. With all the pressures we encountered during this storm event we were able to keep each other safe. Grievances have been filed in regard to this storm.

Take care and stay safe,

Terry Elekes

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The Executive Board has appointed John J. Clausius as President/Financial Secretary. Due to John appointed as President/Financial Secretary opens a vacancy for Vice President. The Vice President vacancy per the IBEW Constitution Art. 16 Sec 16 shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular election. The Executive Board will be accepting resumes for the Vice President until May 3, 2024. Resumes can be sent to: IBEW Local 1600 Att: Executive Board 1259 Grange Road Allentown, PA 18106