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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

With the end of summer closing in on us I hope everyone enjoyed the summertime activities that we all so enjoy and look forward to a great fall and quick winter.

As of this news letter we are dealing with the following issues:

One termination
Several issues of the company taking mini vacation when sick time is exhausted
Use of mini in lieu of time off no pay for approved FMLA issues
Calling out of contractors before using fulltime workers
Equalization of OT
Assigning members to work out of their job description
Still dealing with the issues of being shorthanded in certain depts. (Most depts and plants)
Unjust time off calculation for RBP
Continued issues with the amount of time off to reach Short Term Disability Eligibility .

These issues along with the attitude of “if you don’t like it then grieve it” only seem to push the difference between the union and the company further apart. Hopefully this practice doesn’t prevail in the future of what I expect to be a trying time for all that the company and the members are dealing with currently. We both need to recognize that only by working together will we both prosper and have a long and healthy future.
In closing I would like to thank the Stewards for the often-unappreciated role they have in protecting the rights of all the members and making sure they are treated fairly. I would ask that when you see a Steward or Chief Steward, please extend a much deserved thank you, for its not only during the grievance process that they are called upon to protect your rights and the rights of the rest of the members it’s on a daily basis they try and facilitate the best outcome of any issue brought up and usually without having to go through the grievance steps.
So, THANK YOU for all you do.

In solidarity,
Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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