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Hello Sisters and Brothers of IBEW Local 1600! Covid-19 continues to be an issue across the United States as positive cases are on the increase. We are doing well keeping positives to a minimum within our Union, numbers are low in all our companies and that is a reflection of all our efforts. While I have mentioned that I encourage folks to get vaccinated, I strongly believe that it is an individual personal choice and I do not support mandatory vaccinations.

We have been trying for months to get rules in an M.A. to cover working from home with PPL. They published a SKY article that they have a plan however they didn’t share that with Local 1600 until recently and that was only a projected version on the white board, not even a hard copy for us to review. I was informed it has changed already but the changes were not shared yet. I will remain confident that the company will meet and negotiate the changed working conditions with us. We have cooperated 100% with the company when we were in a National Emergency, and now we just want to capture the rules in witting after they are negotiated and agreed to.

Weather has been brutal for us this summer, storm after storm has our folks stretched to the limit. Heat and humidity have been off the charts. Use good judgment, know your limitations, stay hydrated, take breaks as needed and talk with your supervisors if you have questions or concerns.

The WEEVE arbitration decision will be delayed a bit longer as the company needed more time to complete their written brief to be presented to the arbitrator. Briefs are now due October 1, 2021.

The Talen meal arbitration is scheduled 9/22/21.

Stay strong, stay safe,

President Frank E.G.

Terry Elekes

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