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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

I am sorry to say we continue to be pushed into a position that we clearly should not being having to argue over the current contract. While we feel the meaning and intent was clear on most of the items that we are now continuing to deal with, as the company has taken the position that they will repeatedly respond to grievances with the same old wording they always do  “ we have reviewed the articles in dispute and find no violation “ this tactic will only serve to divide the union and company relationship and enlarge the gap between working towards a common goal to secure a strong future heading into the next era of our growth.

We will be ready to face the challenges ahead as we have always done. Hard work, ownership in our quality of work and a skill set second to none.



Termination—awaiting confirmation for December

Repeated disagreements over the implementation and consistent administration of the covid policy.

Pending Second steps:

Change of schedule

Work hour selection

Pay rate for Spec Temps

Posting of vacancies.

These are a few of the most heated issues, we will continue to strive for full compliance with the contract as written.

In Solidarity,
Ron Webb

Terry Elekes

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