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Hello Sisters & Brothers of IBEW Local 1600.




  • The IBEW 3rdDistrict Workshop was held in January in Atlantic City, New Jersey. VP Clausius and I both attended.  We heard updates on accidents, renewed labor agreements, the importance of getting younger members engaged and trained for future leadership roles, organizing and the importance of VOTING, knowing who you are voting for and where they stand regarding labor.  Coal, gas and nuclear energy are under attack, we need to protect these jobs therefore we need support from politicians.  I will not be talking about party affiliation, I will be focusing on labor and getting out information on who is in our corner.  Another hot topic was the use of CBD oil, Locals across the 3rdDistrict have experienced workers testing positive for THC and getting disciplined.  The recommendation is don’t use it unless you have exclusive written permission from your Company to protect your job.
  • I visited the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant with Nuclear Business Rep Ron Webb. We met with CNO Brad Berryman and had an open general discussion on the station, safety and the loyalty of the workforce. I expressed my sincere congratulations to Brad and Team Susquehanna for achieving an “Exemplary” rating from the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO).  Local 1600 Leadership is proud of your accomplishment and salutes Team Susquehanna!
  • I also visited the Montour Coal Plant along with Business Rep Mike Mannix and Chief Steward Brian Stackhouse. We met with the plant manager Chris Rinaldi and a host of other Talen managers.  This was just a meet and greet with Chris since he assumed his new role as plant manager.  I stressed the importance of communicating and appreciated his willingness to meet and talk about updates on issues that may arise.
  • While at both plants I took the time to reach out to our Bargaining Unit Safety and Human Performance Advocates (BUSHPA) Mark Gulliver, Montour and Curtis Yohey, Susquehanna, both are doing a great job and our workers stepped up and improved safety overall! Keep it up!
  • I attended the PPL Bloomsburg/Lock Haven Safety Forum held at the Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA on January 15th. On January 28thVP Clausius and I attended the PPL Sunbury/Susquehanna Safety Forum at the same location.  On February5th Rusty and I attended the Northern Safety Forum at Genetti’s in Dickson City.  Our message was the same at every forum, we are commited to safety, focus on your task and let us focus on the labor disputes, we all have the same common goal to go home in the same condition we came in!  Be Safe!
  • The irons are still in the fire and the fire won’t be going out anytime soon. Still ongoing are, WEEVE crews, flagging, the closing of 2 service centers just to mention a few.  We have been discussing these issues on and off and haven’t gotten any real traction yet but still trying.  We recently received a proposal from the Company regarding the Material Progression Line, it’s currently under review by staff.  Hopefully more to come soon.

In Solidarity

 Frank E. G.


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