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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings

19-SUS-008  Member in front of Joint Disability Committee prematurely had his pay reduced.

19-SUS-009  Job vacancy not being filled. (Electrical Test)

19-SUS-010  Management performing BU work. (Electrical Test)

Settled favorably at the GRM.

19-SUS-011  Member was told to leave property until he obtained a doctor excuse. (Lines)

19-SUS-012  Company did not utilize the rosters to obtain available manpower for storm stand by at the end of a normal workday and forced a member to stay.

Settled at the GRM, the Company will enquire for available manpower from the rosters.

19-CEN-012  Management performing BU work. (Material)

19-CEN-023   Management performing BU work. (Material)

19-CEN-025  Company denied vacation  based on fifty percent roster availability. (Lines)

19-CEN-027  Excessive RBP. (Electrical Test)

19-CEN-028  Unfair performance review and question and answer session. (Electrical Test)

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and vacation time! Remember to always keep SAFETY at the forefront of everything you do at home and work.

Take care,


Terry Elekes

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