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Hello Brothers and Sisters
Hopefully we are moving into the warmer months. As everyone is moving into spring clean up mode, take the time to pay close attention to the tools you’re using. Take the extra steps to use them safely and properly. Wear those glasses and gloves, even on what may seem like a quick simple task. Use caution lifting those heavy objects as well.

There’s a lot of activity going on here at the hall. I want to take a moment to welcome our new rep., Ryan Harris. He will be a great asset with many years of union membership experience, and advocating for or causes. We recently made a visit to Holtwood and had a good meeting with their manager. We have a few positive items to work on and will release more information soon as we get all the details worked out!

Montour Update- All the coal was used up in early March. Both units are now to be run on gas. There was an extension signed for the early retirement package till July 31, 2024. Discussions are planned to be held in April on the remaining positions to possibly be reduced. More to come.

Brunner Island-All units available. Arb briefs are due on 23-BRU-005 FMLA case by mid-March. We will then be awaiting the decision of the arbitrator after that. Two new grievances have been filed for arbitration after trying to resolve with a follow up meeting beyond the second step.

23-BRU-013 E&I missed overtime/callout
23-BRU-014 E&I work schedule change outside of contract language.

We hope to get these remedies in a timely manner.
Holtwood- Two units were under outage. As mentioned, a few items to be released later on some minor changes.

Lastly, I would like to send out a Huge Thank You to our retiring President Frank Graboski. He has given 40 years within the IBEW a huge milestone. His knowledge and leadership will be missed!! He has done a great in setting up the staff to be in a good place to carry on to keep fighting for the better of our membership!

Gene Lettich

Terry Elekes

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The Executive Board has appointed John J. Clausius as President/Financial Secretary. Due to John appointed as President/Financial Secretary opens a vacancy for Vice President. The Vice President vacancy per the IBEW Constitution Art. 16 Sec 16 shall be filled by the Executive Board until the next regular election. The Executive Board will be accepting resumes for the Vice President until May 3, 2024. Resumes can be sent to: IBEW Local 1600 Att: Executive Board 1259 Grange Road Allentown, PA 18106