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Hello Fellow Members,
Hope you are all enjoying the start of your Holiday season. Winter is quickly approaching upon us as well. For all you hunters I hope you were successful and had a enjoyable time in the great outdoors. As everyone is probably gearing to the decorating time please be careful in those efforts. Take the time to do your projects safely so you don’t find yourself in a bad situation. Don’t let a simple distraction or error mess up your Holiday events.

I am still continuing to work with the company on settling or resolving some past Arbitrations. Some of these have been taking awhile but we keep on pushing to get them heard or resolved. As of now I have three dates that are slated to have hearings. This list was as many as ten, so we are working hard to get resolve before arbitration.

As of this time we are down to one past grievance for Arbitration for a callout issue. We also have a new grievance and also the first one for 2023 dealing with a callout issue. I am happy to say with some talks with the company we were able to reach a fair settlement. There was also another grievance that was on hold pending the outcome of these, and we settled it as well. I would like to commend the local Chief Steward and Stewards for doing the good things they do to resolve issues in house and keep the issues from getting out of hand!!!
Both Units not running do to no demand, but are gas ready. The last update I received is only a few weeks worth of coal left to burn. Still uncertain of the future after that.

Brunner Island
As of this time we have three Arbitration dates set. There are a few older cases that dates are being given in the near future.
Units 1 and 3 are available. Unit 2 is in an outage.
We at the hall have been asked numerous times about the training at the plant. We keep trying, but the company just seems to not want to provide much. Just know its something we will keep pushing! Brookfield
No issues or anything to report from Holtwood.
There was an organizing campaign that was done for the Safe Harbor site. The vote ended up not being in our favor.
Have a safe and Happy Holidays season!

Gene Lettich

Terry Elekes

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