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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings
23-HBG-002 Company did not follow Overtime Opportunities Agreement. (Lines)
Submitted to Federal Mediation.

23-HBG-007 Contractors performing Journeyman Mechanics work, company not filling job vacancies.

23-HBG-008 Excessive RBP (Subs)

23-LAN-003 Management and contractors performing BU work. (Relay Test/Subs)

23-LAN-007 Denied callout correction. (Lines)

23-LAN-008 Unwarranted RBP (Lines)

23-LAN-009 Company refusing to pay meal allowance for crew working out of region. (Lines)

23-LEH-006 Unjust termination. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

23-LEH-014 Demotion from Lineman Leader to Journeyman. We were able to reach a favorable settlement, our Member was reinstated to his Leader position.

23-LEH-016 Management and contractors performing BU work. (Relay Test/Subs)

23-SUS-004 Troublemen not scheduled to work.

Federal Mediation
22-NE-010 Member received a 3-Day DML. (UG/LTN) We were able to reach a favorable settlement at Federal Mediation, RBP reduced.

22-HBG-001 Company required doctors note for 2nd occurrence. (Lines) The arbitration was held on 9/26/23. We are expecting the arbitrator’s decision soon.

23-HBG-004 Management performing BU work, programming network protector relays. (UG/LTN) Scheduled for 12/15/23.

Linemen Shift
We’ve had several meetings in September and October and we are currently awaiting the Company’s counter proposal.

Material MA
We had our initial joint meeting on 11/22/23 to develop the training curriculum. We will look to schedule additional meetings after we have Walbert Training Center check on what training courses are available to go along with some of the content we discussed.

I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy and joyful holiday season!

Take care and stay safe,

Terry Elekes

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