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Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Grievance Resolution Meetings

22-CEN-009  Member received a 5-Day DML. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable


23-HBG-003  Management performing BU work. (Material)

23-HBG-004  Management performing BU work, programming network protector relays. (UG/LTN)

21-LEH-010  Improper use of paid time off for COVID. (Material) We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

21-LEH-050  Improper use of paid time off for COVID. (Lines) We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

23-LEH-006  Unjust termination. (Lines) In abeyance, pending discussions.

22-NE-010  Member received a 3-Day DML. (UG/LTN)

21-SUS-007  Improper use of paid time off for COVID. (Material) We were able to reach a favorable settlement.

22-SUS-019  Member not allowed to attend Safety Summit. (Troubleman) Submitted to Federal Mediation.

Federal Mediation

22-LEH-047  Member received a 5-Day DML. (Lines) Federal Mediation scheduled for 6/27/23.

22-HBG-013  Unwarranted discipline. (Lines) Federal Mediation scheduled for 6/29/23.

Material MA
We met with the company on 5/30/23 and 6/8/23 to discuss the MA. We are hopeful to reach a tentative agreement soon.

Linemen Shift
The Company is working on a counter proposal and based on our discussions with the Company we should be reconvening our discussions within a few weeks.


22-HBG-001  Company required doctors note for 2nd occurrence. (Lines) Scheduled for arbitration 9/26/23.

NSUJL Rodeo 2023

The National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Linemen Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo will be held  June 16th and 17th at City View Park, 700 South Poplar Street, Hazleton, PA 18201. Friday night will be the 12th Annual Climbing for Lost Linemen from 5pm-9pm. This is a ceremony honoring all Sisters/Brothers who lost their lives on the Line in the prior 12 months. In memory of each of the fallen Sisters/Brothers a lantern will hung. Saturday will be the 11th Annual Lineworkers Benefit Rodeo from 8am till around 4pm.  Please come out and support our 2023 Rodeo Team and the NSUJL!!


Our 2023 Rodeo Team

Kris Rech Journeyman Lineman HAZSC
Kyle Everitt Journeyman Lineman WHISC
Eric Jacobs Troubleman LOKSC
Dan Aniska Journeyman Lineman SCRSC
Ed Cipressi Journeyman Lineworker Trainee LEHSC
Justin Talipan Journeyman Lineworker Trainee HAZSC
Jamie Slotterback Journeyman Lineworker Trainee FRKSC
Hunter Bowers Journeyman Lineworker Trainee ORWSC
Andy Barthol Journeyman Lineworker Trainee PANSC
Mark Hilkert Journeyman Lineworker Trainee LOKSC
Marcus Hunter Journeyman Lineworker Trainee BLMSC
James Melnick Helper FRKSC
Ashlee Garrison Steno HAZSC
Steve Bernitsky Journeyman Lineman ORWSC
Colin Sharrow Helper BLMSC
Troy Medash Journeyman Lineworker POCSC
Jeremy Medash Journeyman Lineman WBASC
Aaron Lipinski Journeyman Lineworker Trainee HAZSC
Jared Groce Journeyman Lineworker Trainee HAZSC
Dave Bender Lineman Leader SUSSC


Take care,

Terry Elekes

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